This Old Thing: Day Nine

This Old Thing is a challenge of my devising where I’ll be wearing only charity shop formal dresses for two weeks. This is my diary, where I’ll be documenting how that goes…


The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, with very little time for blogging. I’m pleased to say that I’ve kept up my posting schedule on social media, and with taking the photos. I’m still wearing the dresses as planned.

The really great news has been the response to the project over at the OCA blog ( I’ve been studying for a Creative Arts degree in my spare time for just over a year now and it’s really expanded my way of thinking about creativity and the paths it can flow down. The comments from fellow students and tutors have been really encouraging as well, which is lovely.

Interesting engagements have been happening on a couple of the Facebook posts as well. A friend who hadn’t necessarily engaged with these issues before wrote a lovely long comment around the pressure that women especially experience under capitalism, where they will be tacitly or overtly criticised in order to create a “problem” they must solve, then offered a solution at a price. She also brought up the Met Gala, and we agreed that fashion as a form of art can survive and thrive while we also condemn fast fashion as a separate entity and process.

Another friend commented asking what I’ll do with the dresses when the project ends. This has always been a question in the back of my mind, and I’d been waiting really to see the responses the work generated before deciding. Right now I’m leaning towards auctioning the dresses one-by-one through the social media accounts, and giving the proceeds to charity. Of course some dresses may not sell, and with them I think I’d like to try and organise a community clothes-swap. Could be a fun way to meet like-minded folk!

I’ve also really been struck by the lack of reaction from members of the public. I initially thought that a big part of this diary would be discussing the reactions of people I meet out-and-about, but now I’m realising that people genuinely don’t care what others are wearing. I kind of love that though. It’s very liberating if you think about it, and goes to show that the pressure we feel to wear the “right” thing is really not necessary.

You can follow along with the photo diary and accompanying climate change stats on instagram and facebook.