This Old Thing: Day Four

This Old Thing is a challenge of my devising where I’ll be wearing only charity shop formal dresses for two weeks. This is my diary, where I’ll be documenting how that goes…


I skipped my diary yesterday, which isn’t great so early in the project! I’ve been working hard, though, putting my posts together and trying to get the word out. A big zero waste group I’m in on Facebook declined a post I wrote linking to the project, which is a shame. It’s knocked my confidence a little, if I’m honest. But I’ve started the thing, so I’m going to finish it!

Reception so far has been interesting. I’ve been doing two posts a day. In the morning I do a dress reveal, where I share the code name I’ve given a dress as well as its original and second hand price, along with some notes and a picture of me wearing it. In the afternoon or evening I share diary photo: an image of me doing something mundane in the dress (making tea, taking out the bins, eating a burrito), along with a quote from my research into fast fashion and climate change. I’ve been concerned over whether the intended contrast in the diary photos comes across – maybe the dresses aren’t glamorous enough to look jarring in their prosaic surroundings? I’m unsurprised to find that the dress reveal posts I’ve been doing have performed better. People seem to be enjoying the fashion parade aspect more than the learning. But, I suppose if all that comes of this is that a few more people consider buying their next occasion dress second-hand that won’t be such a bad thing.


Today has been a slow day, filling out my tax return, catching up on life admin. The weather is still awful but I did catch a sly moment of sunshine to take the bins out and snap my favourite shots of the project so far. These are the closest to what I intended at the original project inception to date.

I also found time to write a blog post for OCA, where I’m studying creative arts in my spare time. Hopefully they’ll put it up before the project ends and it can get a bit of a signal boost! Fingers and toes crossed.

You can follow along with the photo diary and accompanying climate change stats on instagram and facebook.