This Old Thing: Day Two

This Old Thing is a challenge of my devising where I’ll be wearing only charity shop formal dresses for two weeks. This is my diary, where I’ll be documenting how that goes…


Today has been a tough one for various reasons outside of the challenge, and this dress has not helped. It’s a size too large and an inch or two too long, so I’ve been sweeping around with my skirts hitched up in my hands like something out of a costume drama.

Outing of the day was down to the polling booths to vote in the local elections. Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras. Also the weather continues to disappoint, so I have to confess I have been wearing a coat out of doors. This obviously reduces the chances of the kind of public reactions/interactions I was interested in gauging. I have answered the door to a couple of delivery people, but they barely flinched. I guess you see all sorts in their line of work!

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