This Old Thing: Day One

This Old Thing is a challenge of my devising where I’ll be wearing only charity shop formal dresses for two weeks. This is my diary, where I’ll be documenting how that goes…


I woke up really early (for me), but then it took me a long time to convince myself to get out of bed. It was grey outside, and I wished I’d chosen my dress for the day last night. I checked the weather forecast – 13 degrees at its peak. Ugh.

Choosing a dress was a process. I wanted to start off with a bang, so nothing too plain. I also knew that I was going for curry at lunch, though, and the urge to dull it down was strong. Also none of the showier dresses were going to keep me warm. In the end I picked Jazz, a short, silky dress with a wild pattern and a beaded collar. Not the comfortable choice, but comfort isn’t the order of the day.

The second I put it on I felt like today was a special occasion. I felt aggrieved at having to do mundane things like clear up tea cups or tie back curtains. I had become too fancy. 

At lunch we went for curry at This and That, a canteen-style rice and three place in the Northern Quarter in Manchester (highly recommend if you’re in the area), and my other half, Stefan, had his first assignment. I tasked him with getting a shot of me in line for food, but due to technical difficulties he missed the shot. By which I mean that someone (me) had left the camera on timer mode. Ahh well, I have this picture of me shovelling curry into my mouth to post on the socials as punishment for my oversight.

In general day one has gone smoothly. However, now that it’s getting dark I do keep wanting to revert to my comfy clothes. I’ve decided on a new rule: comfies only when at home, and only after 10pm.

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